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The Lost Poop™ characters

Pooty demonstrate climate change



Hello, my name is Pooty!

My venture started soon after I discovered those rats lying to us about the climate change! As a natural scientist, I gathered information to make the change and tried to convince everyone to take care of the environment! Along the way tough, I discovered the white holes and I was about to study it when my friends and I fell into it. We already had a lot of trouble with climate change and the white holes made the whole thing a lot more complicated…but we’re determined and with my friends, I feel like we’re going to really change the world!




I’m King Paper! I’ve been used as a butt sweeper but I’m one of those rare paper who remembers were he’s from! I have built those villages, and I’ve seen them change! Since those culprit aliens came to the United Villages of Sewer, climate change questions started to raise and there are no way they brings their problems to our beautiful nation!
Don’t believe those lies papers, I can tell you that climate change is a myth!!

King Paper doing his speech against climate change
Scummy face-palming at King Paper





Hey Scumbags, my name is Scummy! Don’t tell me you believe this crap! Who am I to tell you this? Well I have been created by Pooty. Basically, I’m an AI agent… you know what AI mean right? Artificial Intelligence! I think by my own… fortunately I have been making the right decision by being Pooty’s friend! AI can be very dangerous… I will survive climate disaster but my friends won’t… that’s why I stand by their sides even if it annoys me. And as a superior intelligence, I can tell you that if we don’t do anything, you scumbags are all dead!


I am the genius Dr Paper!
For all along, I have been surviving aside King Paper! Lately, when the threat came to my door… I have started to do sneaky experiments to develop weapons and defense technologies for the crown. What a honor to be part of this time and to be supported in my sanity! Long live to the crown, long live to my sanity!!

Mad Dr Paper wants Scummy
Dirrea the chemist




Hi There! I’m Dirrea, The Chemist! Don’t believe Dr Paper, he’s a crazy butt sweeper! As Pooty’s best friend and as a chemist, I help Pooty through his quest to help reduce climate change issues but I’ll also help you to enter to the recycling world! With me, you will become a master crafter by using recyclable things and stuffs! We’ll succeed, I’m sure!




I’m Mummy, created by Dr. Paper to eat poop! But I was once a happy poop myself, so how can I ever want to eat poop! I crave for paper though!

Mummy wants to kill papers
Franko eating donuts



I’m Franko, I help Pooty and Dirrea whenever they need me… for as long as I can have my dose of donuts I’m ready! But they told me that if climate change intensifies, there won’t be any donuts left! I love donuts, but I love my friends too, so I will do my best to help them stop climate change!
Did I tell you that I love donuts?

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